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In the village

Playground, roller rink, basketball courts, tennis courts (reserved for members, but can be used when available or through agreement),soccer field, boules courts, tournaments. During the summer outdoor cinema and concerts. On both beaches two bars liven up evenings and nights with music,concerts and table football. The atmosphere is very relaxed and enjoyable both for the youngest and the less young.



Cagliari is an attractive city where quite a few events take place. Concerts, museums, shops, restaurants, lounge bars, monuments and celebrationsLicense are all good reasons to go there. The best place to start exploring Cagliari is called the “bastion de St-Rémy”LicenseLicense. Many other panoramic viewpointsLicense are accessible. For a guided visit of the Castello, the ancient part of the townLicense, we suggest the trenino. The trip is very short and,since there are now two roads to Cagliari from Torre delle Stelle, there are no traffic bottlenecks and half an hour of relaxed drive gets you to the Poetto beachLicense and its saltingsLicenseLicenseLicense inhabited year round by flamingosLicense. The coastal road is still our favourite to reach Eastern or central Cagliari.


Villasimius is even closer than Cagliari. Most shops and some restaurants are open year-round, and during the summer street markets and clubs are open.

The hills

Just inland from Torre delle Stelle lies a stunning National Park which is called “I Sette Fratelli”License after the seven peaks that characterise it. There are numerous possibilities of

trekking, cycling, horse riding and touring

in the hills and forests here. Unless you are experienced and you get a detailed map of the area, we would advise that you contact the local Cooperative of forest guides, montesettefratelli.com. They offer guided visits either by foot, bus or 4x4. From Torre delle Stelle, it is possible to drive by car into the Geremeas valley or the Santa Barbara valley, which after a pass goes down to Castiadas, from which you can reach the East coast. For autonomous explorers, the forest guards' service center, ex Caserma U. Noci can be reached by car through the Geremeas valley and provides maps and advice on most interesting locations(Sardinian deerLicense museum, botanical garden, nuragic ruins, panoramic views and wildlife).

Close to Geremeas a

horse riding

club is active year-round. Their horses are well behaved and, apart from the summer, it is also possible to gallop on the beaches and ride bareback.

There is a strong tradition of


for wild boars, hares, partridgesLicense and quailsLicense in Sardinia. Hunting is allowed for registered hunters roughly from October to January on Tursday, Sunday and public holidays (During September only a couple of days of partridges and doves hunting are allowed), therefore the hills are perfectly safe for hikers and bikers who know the hunting schedule. Of course, inside natural reserves hunting is forbidden.


choices include wild asparagusLicense, figsLicense, Indian figsLicense, mushroomsLicense, blackberriesLicense, wild pearLicense, arbutusLicense, spinach, fennelLicense, dandelion, thistleLicense ... Among the groups that organise activities in the hills we like the chaps who organise milky way observation and shooting stars spotting with dinner in the dark hills which greatly enhance the show.


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can be bought at boxofficesardegna.it.

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