Markets & food shops

As a rule of thumb, everything is closed between 1PM and 5PM.

In Torre delle Stelle

Outside Torre delle Stelle



Grocer's shop

Fish shop

Pescheria Bissiri Antonello, via Santa Margherita 1, Cagliari, Tuesday till Saturday, morning only

Ice cream


Caseificio Cocco Stefano, Via G. Puccini, 21, Sinnai, Tuesday and Friday fresh cheese, ricotta and mozzarella

Extra virgin olive oil

The best way to discover the tastes of Sardinian oil would be to get accompanied to a mill during the harvest season and taste a wide spectrum of oils. Besides this approach there are several quality olive oil suppliers. San Tomas is a young olive trees field where taste is the owner's main concern. Year round olive oils and patés are available, well conserved in a cold room. Prices are high but taste is guaranteed.

Wines, Beers, spirits


It might be overkill to plan a trip just for, but if you want to taste some of the best salumi call them to arrange an appointment. Just a stones throw away you'll find cantine Lilliu, wine makers. Their unpackaged wine is extremely good, and the bottles, albeit expensive, have particular tastes.

Last update: 7th April 2014

First published: 7th April 2014