Sardinian sea

Beaches and swimming

Along the South-Eastern coast, beautiful sandy beaches, rocks, peninsulas and islands shape a magnificent seascape exhibiting sea scenarios ranging from transparent through turquoise up to the dark blue ink water so typical of the Tyrrhenian sea.

If you wonder where you should start

There are many beautiful beaches along South-East Sardinia's coast. our favourites are:

Lifeguards are present on Genne'Mari and Cannesisa beaches and a doctor is on call at the entrance of the village during the summer.

Boating and fishing

Torre delle Stelle

From July till August boats and jet-skis can be rented on Torre delle Stelle's beaches. In front of Torre delle Stelle a series of shoals and shipwrecks delight professional fishers and divers. Angling and spearfishing are permitted but nets are illegal. We always advise fishers to capture preys they will eat. For example if you despise Salema porgyLicense or don't know how to prepare it, do not exterminate an entire shoal just for fun. This will alarm much more valuable preys. Be aware of the minimum required sizes for capture.


Marina Villasimius, Marina piccolaLicense, Capitana, and others. Services provided: guided tours including fishing, snorkelling and Scuba diving, boat rental, boat parking, bikes, motorbikes and car rentals. At Marina piccola, sailing lessons, windsurf and catamaran rental. At the main harbour of Cagliari, sailing activities at

Capo Carbonara marine reserve

The marine protected area of Capo CarbonaraLicense is centred around Villasimius and just 15 min away by car or 5 min by boat. It is subdivided into three areas, access is forbidden only to the A areas. In the other two areas, access and fishing are regulated. Spear fishing is forbidden in the whole reserve. Landing is allowed inside B and C zones and one should not approach lighthouses.

Free diving

We very much enjoy free divingLicense for fun, and like sharing our knowledge of the best time and place to dive. While on a discretionary basis we might decide to invite guests for a boating session and a dive, we do not provide any security, equipment (except mask, snorkel and a pair of long, soft fins) or assistance and people are under their own responsibility once they get off the boat, even though we will do our best to match the location with the skills of guests.

Last update: 7th April 2014

First published: 7th April 2014